Upfort CEO Featured in Dark Reading

Upfort CEO Featured in Dark Reading

Upfort CEO and co-founder Xing Xin was featured in a recent blog post in the respected cybersecurity community blog Dark Reading. The post titled “Cyber-Insurance Prices Plummet as Market Competition Grows” gave an overview of the current cyberinsurance landscape which has become more crowded as more carriers take advantage of new technologies to find their way into the growing cyber market. 

Xing says he expects prices to remain where they are in the short term, however he cautions this dynamic is precarious as “a widespread cybersecurity issue that systemically triggers a high count of policies” could easily reverse the trend. 

Are you a carrier or MGA looking to enter the exploding cyberinsurance market? Read more about the benefits of partnering with a tech-first cyberinsurance firm like Upfort. We are also available with flexible solutions for insurance agencies.

Read more about the topic over at Dark Reading.

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