Upfort Unveiled: Charting a Course for Cyber Resilience

Upfort Unveiled: Charting a Course for Cyber Resilience

The world is at the beginning of the next chapter for cybercrime – and it’s the next chapter for our company, too.

While technology advancements have increased productivity and reach for organizations of all sizes, they have also empowered cybercriminals to launch sophisticated attacks at scale, profitably, against even the smallest organizations. The health of our interconnected economy depends on a widespread increase in cyber resilience as even incidents at small organizations can create large ripple effects. And we’re still in the early innings of seeing how rapid advancements in AI impact the cybersecurity landscape.

To reflect the breadth of our expanded platform and the future we hope to build, we’re proud to share that our company is now known as Upfort.

Our mission remains the same — it’s still about accelerating the world’s journey to cyber resilience. Our new name helps to capture our expanded role as a secure trading post that allows organizations to upgrade readiness and fortify resilience.

When we founded Paladin Cyber in 2017, we challenged ourselves to build a comprehensive cybersecurity platform – accessible to any organization – that effectively addresses evolving cyber threats. Since the beginning, we’ve leveraged AI to deliver a prevention and automation advantage. Given cyber insurers’ unique visibility into the frequency and cost of cybersecurity incidents, we focused on those partnerships to drive platform scale and assess real-world impact.

Today, our cybersecurity platform delivers better outcomes to tens of thousands of organizations. More importantly, organizations we safeguard experience significantly fewer breaches and claims. In a recent 18-month study of actual claims from a leading cyber insurance program, results showed that organizations that fully implemented Shield filed claims at 1/5th the rate of those who didn’t, all while not filing a single ransomware or wire transfer fraud claim, two of the leading claim types.

In our work with insurers and brokers, we realized that bringing our platform’s AI-powered security tools and intelligent automation could streamline cyber insurance underwriting for all stakeholders. With our expanded platform, we’re also helping insurers and brokers deliver organizations low-friction cyber insurance purchase experiences powered by automated underwriting. We see a clear path to closing the cyber protection gap by creating a more accessible ecosystem with fewer claims, efficient digital processing, and clearer visibility into risk.

What isn’t new is our partnership-first approach and commitment to our customers.

  • For insurers, we’ll continue to prevent claims while streamlining underwriting and improving broker/insured experiences.
  • For brokers, we’ll continue to serve as your clients’ cybersecurity partner while offering you new ways to grow your book and save time.
  • For enterprises, associations, and risk pools that need highly scalable solutions for large groups, we’re here to help drive cyber resilience in a coordinated approach tailored to your population.
  • For organizations looking for cyber risk solutions, we’ll work with your broker to get you unbeatable value, whether for security, insurance, or both.

The Upfort team is excited and motivated to commence this new chapter in our story. If you or your organization identify with our mission, we hope you’ll join us.

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