Release Notes


New Features 🛠️ + Enhancements 🎇

Admin Dashboard
  • Updated protections 
  • Added more intuitive design elements on the Browser Firewall page 
  • Updated the name of "Browser Extension" to "Browser Firewall” to more accurately reflect the protections provided by the latest updates
Employee Dashboard
  • Updated the name of "Browser Extension" to "Browser Firewall”

Bug Fixes 🕷️

Admin Dashboard
  • We fixed ten bugs that affected Admin users. Some of the more 👏 wow 👏 ones include ensuring the onboarding checklist displayed the correct progress status, and that the password reset flow didn’t throw incorrect error messages. Carry on, password resetters!
Employee Dashboard
  • We fixed a couple of UI bugs in Cyber University that incorrectly showed points and labels; a pagination issue that reset some users to the first page; and a bug affecting password resets.
Broker Dashboard
  • We addressed a bug on the password email input showing error as the default


Release notes prior to 2023 have been archived