Cyber insurance: a must-have for every organization

Even the best security needs a fallback. Resilient organizations incorporate quality cyber coverage for financial protection and proven incident response assistance.

Cybercriminals don’t discriminate

New technology and AI make it easy and cheap to launch tailored attacks. Every underprepared organization is a high-value target.
Ransomware Attacks /
of Cyber Attacks
Target Small Businesses
Average Cost
of Data Breach

Cyber insurance may cover more than you think

Cyber risk isn’t just sensitive information, there are all sorts of ways cybercriminals can cost you time and money. If your organization uses computers or email, this applies to you. You won’t find an appropriate level of protection against this risk in any of your other insurance policies.

Data Loss and Recovery
Extortion Demands
Loss of Revenue
From System Downtime
Forensic Investigation Costs
Funds Transfer Fraud & Other Cyber Crime
Liability Arising
From System Breach

Cyber Insurance
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We work with some of the world’s best insurance companies to bring you the best version of cyber insurance.

Trusted carriers

Superior financial ratings and trusted names.

Broad coverage at competitive rates

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Experienced incident response

The best in legal, forensic, and other services at your disposal.

Market-leading service

Upfort’s award-winning solutions come with every policy.

Resolve incidents quickly with leading experts on-call

In the event of an incident, one phone call unlocks a coordinated response that helps you recover quickly and minimize the impact on your operation.

Get experienced legal, forensics, extortion negotiation, public relations, and credit monitoring providers working for you.