Build your Human Firewall with Cyber University

Reduce phishing susceptibility with automated training and testing tailored to your team
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Have a qualifying policy?
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Trusting humans are easier to exploit than systems

Cybercriminals use fabricated scenarios and compelling messaging to exploit trust and socially engineer users into taking unauthorized action

of cybersecurity breaches are traced to human error

Stop cybercriminals with proactive security training

Upfort’s Cyber University continuously builds your human firewall with updated training in bite-sized chunks and ongoing testing that matches the latest attack trends. Use teachable moments to reduce your team’s phishing susceptibility.
Train users to stay safe

Deploy an effective security awareness program with a broad catalog of critical courses covering the latest cybercriminal tactics.

Engaging Videos
Short Quizzes
Tailored Training
Simulate phishing and track risky actions

Launch dynamic automated campaigns to test users on a wide array of real-world attacks. Instantly reinforce training if they fail.

Understand your risk and see it lower quickly

Easily identify your riskiest users and monitor progress with real-time reporting. On average, Upfort reduces phishing susceptibility by 75% in your first 100 days.

Proven risk mitigation complements existing tools

Cyber University enhances protection whether it's used standalone or in conjunction with other security tools

Proactively mitigate cyber risk with one or more critical protections

Whether you’re early in your security journey or have extensive controls in place, Upfort’s proprietary AI-powered solutions add an effective layer of protection.
Email Protection
Web Protection
Extended Protection
Security Training
Risk Monitoring

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