AI-powered threat detection proven to prevent phishing attacks, ransomware, and financial fraud

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State-of-the-art AI

LLM-powered defenses spot spoofing & social engineering attacks that legacy email solutions miss

Real-time alerts

Potential threats are automatically flagged so users can protect themselves

Continuously updated

The platform uses up-to-date global cybercrime data to ID today’s criminal tactics—and tomorrow’s

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Malicious emails are the leading driver of cybercrime

AI advancements make it even easier to attack at scale. Existing email filters fall short on changing user behavior on suspicious emails.

malicious emails
sent daily
ransomware delivery method
of attacks start with phishing email
of breaches are financially driven

Proven results

Independent Case Study

A leading cyber insurance provider produced a report comparing businesses using Upfort Shield vs a control group. This independent study found that businesses fully implemented with Shield realized:

Fewer cyber incidents
Financial phishing fraud
Ransomware incidents

“Substantially more effective” than other tools

Informed by decades of collective security & technical expertise, Upfort Shield identifies incursions other security tools let slip through the cracks. In a recent independent study, Upfort Shield was dubbed” substantially more effective” than competing offerings and identified:

more malicious URLs than Office 365
more malicious URLs than Google Web Risk

For additional security, businesses can easily upgrade to Inbox Defender Gold. Gold subscribers have access to all the protections of Inbox Defender PLUS:

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Expanded mobile defense

Employees of Gold-subscribed businesses receive inbox alerts about potentially dangerous links on mobile as well as desktop. No additional downloads or set-up needed—all users upgraded at once and are always protected “on the go.”

Advanced antivirus protection

With Inbox Defender Gold, every attachment in every email is scanned for viruses, malware, ransomware, and other malicious software.

Deep attachment scans

Advanced AI extracts links and language in attachments including scanned documents and images (an increasingly common—and damaging—attack trend.)

Flag users to malicious content
Spot criminal lingual patterns using advanced NLP
Pre-scan every link
Repel emerging threats via Upfort’s consolidated intelligence database
Identify spoofed & compromised senders
Flag potentially malicious content on mobile
Scan every attachment for viruses and malware
Extract & analyze content in images and scanned documents
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