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AI-powered threat detection & guidance helps prevent phishing, ransomware, and financial fraud
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Have a qualifying policy?
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Malicious emails are the leading driver of cybercrime

AI advancements make it even easier to attack at scale. Existing email filters fall short on changing user behavior on suspicious emails.

3 Billion
malicious emails
sent daily
ransomware delivery method
of attacks start with phishing email
of breaches are financially driven

Stop cybercriminals with AI-copilots for every inbox

Upfort's Inbox Defender uses unique cyber claim insights to identify attacks missed by legacy solutions and guide users on safe handling
Identify Phishing Links

Catch dangerous links that are used to steal information, automatically download malicious software, and compromise security

Expose Fraudulent Payment Requests

Warn users about suspicious financial requests and scams before funds are transferred

Uncover Compromised Senders

Highlight impersonation attempts that often trick users into taking unauthorized action

Proven risk mitigation complements existing tools

Inbox Defender enhances protection whether it's used standalone or in conjunction with other security tools

Proactively mitigate cyber risk with one or more critical protections

Whether you’re early in your security journey or have extensive controls in place, Upfort’s proprietary AI-powered solutions add an effective layer of protection.
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