A state-of-the-art layer of business email security built to defend against sophisticated financial fraud and phishing attacks

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Defend your business from every angle against emerging email crimes and financial fraud

Protect every device

Defend every user with an AI-powered Inbox Co-pilot to flag threats across mobile, tablets, and PC

Scan every attachment

Check every attachment in every email for viruses, malware, ransomware, and other malicious software

Block sophisticated phishing attacks

Extract malicious links and content in attached images (a growing tactic)

Why go Gold?

Every year, $billions are lost to email-based financial fraud

Wire transfer phishing is an increasingly common scam where criminals impersonate trusted sources to trick users into sending funds to fraudulent accounts. According to the FBI, email-based financial fraud cost businesses $2.9 billion* in 2023—the vast majority of which is quickly diverted and never recovered.

Inbox Defender Gold taps Upfort’s continually updated Consolidated Threat Database to scan every inbound message (including scanned documents and attached images) for bank accounts associated with criminal activity. Every sender is comprehensively checked in real-time and users are alerted to spoofs, impersonations, or compromised accounts. Furthermore, cutting-edge LLM-based tech surfaces malicious language patterns that traditional defenses miss.

* reported—the true cost is unknown, and likely much higher

"Protect "on-the-go" employees across every device

Even before the terms "hybrid" and "remote" were part of the business landscape, teams accessed their work emails from both home and office, using both work and personal devices. With more than 3 billion phishing emails being sent daily, it's crucial to keep them protected at all times and on every device.

Inbox Defender Gold flags users to potentially malicious email attacks across every device, regardless of whether they check their corporate account from a company-issued desktop in your HQ, from their laptop at home, or using a mobile device or tablet “on the go.” Every employee account can be easily protected by admins–no downloads necessary, no employee intermediation necessary.

Scan every attachment for malicious content, including links and criminal language patterns in images and scanned documents

Today’s cybercriminals have shifted their attacks to circumvent traditional email defenses by adding links to malicious sites or other criminal language in attachments such as scanned documents or images. Indeed, in Upfort’s recent Phishing Attack Report, “attachment-based” phishing emails were the most successful form of phishing attack.

Inbox Defender Gold uses advanced AI to extract links and content in attached documents and check them against Upfort’s Consolidated Threat Database. It also automatically scans every attachment for hidden malware, ransomware, and viruses.

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Inbox Defender
Inbox Defender Gold
Flag users to malicious content
Spot criminal lingual patterns using advanced NLP
Pre-scan every link
Surface links or messages about criminal banking or crypto accounts
Identify spoofed & compromised senders
Repel emerging threats via Upfort’s consolidated intelligence database
Scan every attachment for viruses and malware
Flag potentially malicious content on mobile
Extract & analyze content in images and scanned documents

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