Why Upfort?

Upfort is transforming the economics of cyber risk management for organizations, their brokers, and insurers with AI-powered prevention and intelligent automation.

Everyone wins with better security & fewer claims

We make sophisticated security technology simple, and use data to transform the cyber insurance buying process into a win-win scenario for all parties, except cybercriminals.

Proven Cyber Risk Mitigation

In a recent 18-month study of a leading cyber insurance program, policyholders that fully implemented Upfort Shield saw significantly fewer security breaches and claims.
Likelihood of Filing a Claim
Loss ratio
Ransomware & wire fraud claims

Unifying security & insurance data with AI drives better outcomes

Data limitations increase friction and uncertainty for all parties
in cyber risk management.We increase trust and underwriting speed with our unified platform.
Automate risk assessments and understand which issues drive real exposure.
Prevent breaches with proactive mitigation powered by threat intelligence & claims insights.
Automate underwriting for straight-through processing with confidence.

Turnkey simplicity & modular flexibility

We focus on unlocking quick time-to-value for every user and partner.  Achieve success with no IT headaches.

Ready for better cyber risk outcomes?

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