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Automated risk assessments power intuitive dashboards that provide inside-out visibility into risk
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Have a qualifying policy?
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Thousands of new vulnerabilities are discovered annually

A small subset of misconfigurations and vulnerabilities drive a disproportionate level of cyber risk.

Stop cybercriminals with proactive IT asset monitoring

Upfort’s Sentry continuously monitors both external-facing and internal IT assets for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other issues likely to be exploited by cybercriminals.
Auto-discover IT assets for holistic visibility

Proactively identify security issues missed by traditional scans for critical, actionable insights. Unlock visibility effortlessly with lightweight sensors built into our protections

Filter out the noise and hone in on critical issues

Identify the security issues that matter with automated exploitability analysis and unique attack trend insights

Access security expertise when you need it

Get actionable guidance to resolve critical issues and connect with security experts live when you need it.

Proven risk mitigation complements existing tools

Sentry enhances protection whether it's used standalone or in conjunction with other security tools

Proactively mitigate cyber risk with one or more critical protections

Whether you’re early in your security journey or have extensive controls in place, Upfort’s proprietary AI-powered solutions add an effective layer of protection.
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