Achieve the new standard in cyber underwriting

Partner with Upfort for better visibility into risk, proactive risk mitigation, and digital trading in one modular platform easily tailored to your needs.

Drive better underwriting outcomes with no IT headache

Intelligent Risk Selection

Attract insureds that are proactive about risk management by elevating value with market-leading service.

Smart Underwriting

Rigorously underwrite faster with real-time risk data and built-in automation. Reduce friction for all.

Proactive Risk Engineering

Prevent claims with proven security that's practical for all. Proactively tailor mitigation to each insured.

Portfolio Insights

Understand systemic exposure with clear visibility into portfolio risk. React quickly to widespread events.

Automated Risk Engineering Proactively Reduces Portfolio Exposure

In a recent 18-month study of a leading cyber insurance program, policyholders that fully implemented Upfort Shield saw significantly fewer security breaches and claims.
Likelihood of Filing a Claim
Ransomware Claims
Wire Fraud Claims

Tailor the partnership to meet your goals

Grow your existing program or rapidly launch entirely new ones with minimal friction.

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