Protect Devices, Network, and Cloud with Guardian

AI-powered threat detection & automated response proactively stops breaches across your digital infrastructure
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Have a qualifying policy?
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Traditional antivirus and endpoint protection fall short against modern attacks

Siloed security tools miss critical risk indicators and advanced threats due to limited data.

Stop cybercriminals with AI-powered prevention across every entry point

Upfort's Guardian combines data from your devices, network, and the cloud for full visibility and advanced threat detection.
Guard against malware and ransomware

Block advanced attacks and never before seen attacks with AI detection of abnormal behaviors and patterns.

Rapidly contain issues

Remotely isolate systems and block malicious communication to disrupt attacks, minimize damage, and accelerate recovery.

Proven risk mitigation complements existing tools

Guardian enhances protection whether used it's standalone or in conjunction with other security tools

Proactively mitigate cyber risk with one or more critical protections

Whether you’re early in your security journey or have extensive controls in place, Upfort’s proprietary AI-powered solutions add an effective layer of protection.
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