Comprehensive Security, Proven Risk Reduction

Upfort delivers holistic cyber protection that’s easy to deploy and manage
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One turnkey platform to address all your business-critical security needs

Get multiple layers of automated defenses and unified visibility into risk while saving time and money.
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Email Protection
Web Protection
Extended Protection
Security Training
Risk Monitoring
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Powered by AI for a proven risk mitigation advantage

Upfort anticipates and addresses risk more precisely with unique insights from large volumes of fresh cyber claims

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Proven Cyber Risk Mitigation

In a recent 18-month study of a leading cyber insurance program, policyholders that fully implemented Upfort Shield saw significantly fewer security breaches and claims.
Likelihood of Filing a Claim
Ransomware Claims
Wire Fraud Claims

See how Upfort Shield secures your organization against key cyber attacks

Ransomware & Malware
Block malicious sites, downloads, and files
Identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and high-risk employees
Detect and respond to suspicious network behavior
Wire Transfer Fraud
Warn employees about likely compromised bank accounts and fake invoices
Train and expose employees to the latest social engineering tactics
Block sites and scripts used to steal credentials
Identify suspicious email senders and impersonation
Data Breaches
Detect unsecured databases
Monitor sensitive data exposure
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