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Protect your whole team in minutes, manage right from your browser, no IT expertise needed

Next-gen technology

Military-inspired AI spots social engineering attacks that legacy cyber solutions miss

Future-proof defense

Block emerging criminal tactics via Upfort’s continually updated threat intelligence database

Upfort Shield is trusted by tens of thousands of businesses

Student Leadership Network
Melissa Dias, IT Manager

“Upfort not only helps me with my work as IT Manager, but it also helps staff to be cyber aware."

I'm getting a great deal with all the features that Upfort provides. It helps staff to be cyber aware, not just for one set moment in time but throughout their cycle working with the organization.

Grey Genetics
Eleanor Griffith, Founder

“Upfort has been instrumental in helping us take the next steps toward improved security."

I love that support comes from a small team so that I'm usually following up with someone who knows my company's backstory and goals. Instead of getting a bot, I get a human who I've spoken with before.

Tico Construction Company
Cybil Siler-Armstrong, Shareholder

“Upfort Shield is a great value that was much needed."

It has been very easy to work with and navigate, we hope to be able to continue using it!

Upfort Shield: A multi-layer cyber defense platform

Proactively secure your entire business with Shield’s suite of unified solutions

Equip your team with interactive training and phishing simulations
Expert security training
Educate your employees with interactive, expert-built security training
Phishing attack simulations
Launch mock attacks internally to discern team readiness against emerging cybercriminal tactics
Team oversight
Track employee training and phishing simulation performance via a streamlined dashboard
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Secure every employee inbox against phishing, ransomware, and fraud with AI-powered threat detection
Malicious link blocker
Scan every incoming email for links to unsafe websites that criminals can use to steal information or distribute ransomware
Fraud warnings
Warn users about suspicious financial requests before funds are transferred (and typically lost for good)
“Spoofed” email guard
Alert users to fake or compromised email accounts which are often used by criminals to prompt unauthorized activity
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Warn employees about malicious sites and downloads with Upfort’s real-time threat intelligence
Intercept unsafe websites
Redirect users when they access an unsafe site used to steal sensitive info or deliver malicious software.
NSFW content filter
Block employees from accessing prohibited content at work (e.g., adult websites or gambling sites)
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Surface critical vulnerabilities via a sleek, easy-to-use dashboard
Continuous monitoring
Scan public-facing assets to detect vulnerabilities informed by Upfort’s threat intelligence database
Guided resolutions
Proactively identify critical security issues and corrective steps to resolve them
Security expertise
Need additional assistance? Connect with live security experts.
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Identify and block breaches across your devices, network, and cloud
Real-time breach alerts
Use state-of-the-art AI to detect criminal intrusions via abnormal behaviors and patterns
Remote issue containment
Rapidly isolate systems to disrupt attacks and minimize damage
Intuitive dashboard
Comprehensively monitor your entire digital infrastructure in a streamlined, easy-to-use dashboard
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“Substantially more effective” than other tools

Informed by decades of collective security & technical expertise, Upfort Shield identifies incursions other security tools let slip through the cracks.

The platform taps advanced AI to surface & repel cyber attacks 24/7, and is continuously updated with global cybercrime data to address the latest criminal tactics. In a recent independent study, Upfort Shield was dubbed” substantially more effective” than competing offerings and identified:

more malicious URLs than Office 365
more malicious URLs than Google Web Risk

Proven results

A leading cyber insurance provider produced a report comparing businesses using Upfort Shield vs a control group. This independent study found that businesses fully implemented with Shield realized:
Fewer cyber incidents
Financial phishing fraud
Ransomware incidents

Is your company cyber-ready?

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Shield your business against today's cyber threats

Upfort Shield was built to defend your business against today’s most common (and most damaging) cyber attacks

Ransomware & Malware
Block malicious sites, downloads, and files
Identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and high-risk employees
Detect and respond to suspicious network behavior
Wire Transfer Fraud
Warn employees about likely compromised bank accounts and fake invoices
Train and expose employees to the latest social engineering tactics
Block sites and scripts used to steal credentials
Identify suspicious email senders and impersonation
Data Breaches
Detect unsecured databases
Monitor sensitive data exposure

Recognized for innovation, certified for security & privacy

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Innovation & Efficacy
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Privacy & Security

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