Study Finds Upfort Shield “Substantially More Effective” Than Microsoft 365 or Google Web Risk

Study Finds Upfort Shield “Substantially More Effective” Than Microsoft 365 or Google Web Risk

Security researchers found that Upfort Shield detected 34% more malicious URLs than Microsoft 365 and 160% more than Google Web Risk

Upfort Shield equips businesses with a suite of advanced security solutions that are uniquely informed by global cyber claim data and continually updated to address the latest criminal tactics. 

Comprehensive studies have illustrated how effective Upfort Shield is at eliminating funds transfer fraud and ransomware. Researchers have also demonstrated Shield’s superiority at identifying malicious emails compared to defenses provided by brand-name email providers. 

When researchers at an independent pen-testing firm assessed the capabilities of Upfort’s anti-phishing API compared to the Microsoft Outlook 365 platform and Google’s Web Risk API, they found Shield was “substantially more effective at detecting potential social engineering domains” than the other well-established platforms. Let’s jump into the study.

Upfort Shield delivers state-of-the-art cyber security

The testing company used a list of 100 recently reported malicious domains including 50 from WebRoot, a well-known malware detection organization along with an additional 50 from OpenPhish, a phishing intelligence platform. 

The researchers created multiple email accounts that would send seemingly innocuous emails, but which included links to confirmed malicious URLs. Any email that didn’t land directly in the target’s inbox was considered “detected” in the scope of this test. 

So how did the different platforms fare?

Microsoft Office 365 identified 64 out of 100 malicious emails. Google Web Risk identified only 33 of the malicious domains. Upfort, on the other hand, detected 86 out of 100. Overall, Upfort identified 34% more malicious URLs than Office 365 and 160% more than Google Web Risk. 

Upfort identified 34% more malicious URLs than Office 365 and 160% more than Google Web Risk. 

Many businesses mistakenly believe that baseline defenses from their email provider are all they need to protect themselves against evolving cyber threats. However, Google and Microsoft’s email platforms simply don’t match Upfort Shield’s cyber defense capabilities. 

The findings of this research align with those from a recent study by a large cyber coverage provider which found that of the 20k+ businesses surveyed, those fully implemented with Shield suffered:

  • 81% fewer claims 
  • zero funds transfer fraud claims 
  • zero cases of ransomware

Upfort Shield strengthens existing defenses 

Some business owners may balk at the idea of taking on another complex tool. But Shield was designed for ease of use in organizations of all sizes. The platform can be set up in minutes and managed directly from your browser. 

Even better? Shield’s lightweight cloud-based cyber defenses don’t require you to “rip-and-replace” existing security solutions (including those from your email provider). Shield’s modular suite of solutions includes email defenses, browsing protection, real-time network vulnerability monitoring, and security training. Each solution easily “snaps” into your tech stack and can seamlessly run alongside any tools you already have in place without slowing your network down.

Have cyber coverage where Shield is included? Click here to activate. Want to learn more about Upfort and how it can secure your organization? Book a live virtual session with one of our friendly security experts.

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