Study: Upfort Shield Lowered Claims by More Than 80% for a Leading Cyber Insurer

Study: Upfort Shield Lowered Claims by More Than 80% for a Leading Cyber Insurer

Research from a leading cyber insurer revealed that Upfort’s AI-powered security suite helped them achieve a significantly lower Gross Earned Loss Ratio

Cyber criminals are growing increasingly aggressive with brazen ransomware attacks and sophisticated fraud schemes. In today’s connected world, attacks can be launched from halfway around the world with 91% of attacks initiated through phishing emails to unsuspecting employees. 

Upfort Shield’s suite of security offerings has been designed from the ground up to provide organization-wide protection against remote digital threats. But don’t take our word for it. Below, check out the findings of a leading cyber insurer, which conducted a study to explore how Upfort Shield protected its customers and lowered its Gross Earned Loss Ratio.

Case Study: Upfort Shield delivers unparalleled cyber protection

A leading provider’s cyber insurance program was under increasing pressure due to growing claim volumes related to funds transfer fraud and ransomware. The company conducted a comprehensive study of 20k+ policyholders to identify the most impactful security tools to help them reduce claim volume. 

During the study, the insurer examined customers using Upfort Shield vs. a control group of non-implementers and discovered significantly different outcomes between the two groups. Note: Upfort Shield was not part of underwriting criteria or prevent quotes, but was voluntarily used by policyholders with revenue ranging between $0 and $100M as they saw fit.

The study found that policyholders using Upfort Shield’s Inbox Defender realized significant security benefits compared to the control group* including:

  • 60% lower Gross Earned Loss Ratio
  • 19% lower overall claim frequency 
  • 53% fewer funds transfer fraud claims
  • Zero ransomware claims

The outcomes were even more significant for policyholders who implemented Upfort Shield’s full suite of security offerings** of phishing simulations, browser extensions, and cyber training. They had:

  • 84% lower Gross Earned Loss Ratio
  • 81% lower overall claim frequency 
  • Zero funds transfer fraud claims
  • Zero ransomware claims

* control group of non-users vs. policyholders who used Inbox Defender to scan at least one email. 
** fully implemented policyholders are defined as those with more than 4 users added, are running phishing simulations, and at least 1 user has installed the browser extension, scanned an email, and completed a training module. 

How does Upfort Shield work?

Upfort Shield is an award-winning security suite built from the ground up to protect against phishing, ransomware, and other emerging digital threats that arrive via email and browser, while continually monitoring for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations which could be exploited by cyber criminals.

Upfort is continually updated with the latest cyber threats

Shield’s defenses are informed by decades of collective cyber experience and designed to eliminate threats that other technologies miss. According to a recent independent third-party analysis, Shield detected 34% more malicious URLs than Office 365 and 160% more than Google Web Risk.

Upfort Shield’s AI-powered Inbox Defender provides every employee with an “inbox co-pilot” that automatically alerts them to suspicious links and senders. Unlike other solutions, Inbox Defender is continually updated on the latest cyber claims and security incidents so it can rapidly address shifting criminal tactics. As an added layer of protection, Upfort Browser Firewall can identify and block dubious websites that an employee may click on.

Upfort Sentry continuously monitors both external-facing and internal IT assets for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other issues likely to be exploited by cyber criminals. Thousands of new vulnerabilities are discovered every year—by both security professionals and criminals. With Sentry, you proactively surface and mitigate potential issues in your digital infrastructure before they can be exploited. 

Upfort’s automated defenses are further enhanced with Cyber University which offers interactive employee-facing training sessions developed by top security experts. With Upfort’s automated phishing simulations, businesses of all sizes can mimic cyber attacks to assess team readiness and prevent similar attacks. 

Upfort Guardian applies AI-powered threat detection across all devices, networks, and cloud to identify abnormal behavior and patterns to rapidly contain never-before-seen attacks against your organization. 

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