Release Notes


New Features + Enhancements 🎇

Cyber University

Added four new interactive training modules exploring some common and timely topics:


New Features + Enhancements 🎇

Browser Firewall

Password Manager

  • What’s Changing: The Password Manager feature will be removed from Upfort’s extension starting May 31, 2024.
  • What You Need To Do: After May 31st, you will not be able to add new passwords to the extension. However, you can still view and export your stored credentials in your Password Vault inside the Employee Portal until Dec 31, 2024.

    Follow this Support Article for additional details on the product change. 
  • How to Export Your Passwords:
  1. Go to the Employee Portal.
  2. Go to the Password Vault tab and click "Access Vault."
  3. Enter your Upfort password and click "Unlock."
  4. If you have saved passwords before, you will access your Password Vault. Click the button "Export all passwords." This will start a download for the file containing all your passwords. You can use this file to migrate your passwords to a new password manager.

Overture: Google’s Transition to Manifest V3

Google is updating the rules for browser extensions in a new version called “Manifest V3.” This update introduces changes that affect how browser extensions work, including many features used by Shield’s Browser Firewall extension. We are updating the extension to address these changes. This update will impact the extension for all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Edge). 

Script Protection

  • What’s Changing: This feature will no longer be available due to the limitations in Manifest V3. 
  • What You Need to Do: If you need this specific feature, uBlock Origin is a free and open-source, cross-platform browser extension for script protection. Find more details at 

Secure Web Traffic

  • What’s Changing: This feature will no longer be available due to the limitations in Manifest V3. 
  • What You Need to Do: A VPN is a good alternative to Secure Web Traffic. We recommend NORD, a VPN service that will not be affected by Google’s transition. Please visit Nord’s website for more information.

Harmful Site Blocker

  • Old Behavior: We used to block network requests to potentially harmful websites, preventing them from loading if deemed unsafe.
  • New Behavior: After Manifest 3, we now analyze the website’s URL after the page has started loading. If the website is unsafe, you might see a brief flash of the page before being redirected to a warning page.

Content Filter

  • Old Behavior: We used to block pages with malicious content or pages that were flagged by the company to be not safe for work (NSFW).
  • New Behavior: After Manifest 3, the blocked page may appear for a few seconds before we redirect you to a warning page.


New Features + Enhancements 🎇

Inbox Defender

  • The latest version of Inbox Defender is now available
  • All new Upfort Shield users will automatically be onboarded with the new version, while current users have the option to migrate at any time (but keep in mind that support for the old version will sunset by end of year). 
  • Note: All current users are strongly advised to upgrade to avoid missing out on the latest features.
  • What’s New: Previously, Inbox Defender required that every user install a browser extension on every device from which they would access their email. This new release makes it easy to roll out Inbox Defender for your entire organization in one step. New employees are protected on day one. No individual downloads are required, saving you time and effort.
  • Set up your new Inbox Defender directly through your Admin Portal here.

“Gold” Upgrade Option

  • For customers that demand extra protection, consider our premium version Inbox Defender Gold. Just $2 per user per month gets you:
    • Flagging of malicious content on your mobile devices
    • Deep Scanning of attachments for viruses and malware
    • Analyzing images and scanned documents for threats


New Features + Enhancements 🎇

Cyber University
  • Added a new AI course with four new modules. AI is a growing field with many useful applications. It is also increasingly used in cyberattacks to make emails sound more natural, attacks easier to execute, and aid in giving attacks legitimacy: Artificial Intelligence Basics, AI and Phishing, Deepfakes, and Safe Data Handling with AI Tools
The new AI courses available on Cyber University

Admin Dashboard
  • A new data infrastructure update will enhance automated syncing for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 users.
  • Upgraded UI elements to new, more friendly component library.
Browser Extension
  • Change to Optional toggle design. Users will no longer be able to activate protections if the protections are not enabled by your admin. Optional will only remain as a choice for Password Manager.
  • Enhanced security group approval process for user additions. 

Bug Fixes 🕷️

  • Fixed a couple of minor analytics inconsistencies.


This release was almost entirely infrastructure-focused with substantial updates across all three dashboards (Admin, Broker, and Employee) which will increase stability and the speed and ease of implementing new features.

New Features 🛠️ + Enhancements 🎇

Admin Dashboard
  • Improved integration and support for specific policy formats 
  • Removed the 14-day delay between when sims are set up and when the end-user's cadence begins
Broker Dashboard
  • Added UI enhancements in the Underwriter Portal to improve the status indicator, messaging feature, and error handling, along with additional visual flourishes

Bug Fixes 🕷️

Admin Dashboard
  • Made default settings consistent across product lines along with minor UI fixes 
Broker Dashboard
  • Fixed a minor UI bug affecting “New Reports”