Tackle cyber risk like a pro — without needing one

Upfort Shield delivers critical layers of autonomous security proven to statistically decrease your cyber risk

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Stay one step ahead of
evolving cyber threats

You’ve done your due diligence. You have a handful of cyber security tools, and yet, with Upfort’s AI, our clients see fewer breaches.

Embrace a smarter security strategy that’s data-backed and human-first

Cutting-edge protection meets seamless security automation to secure all critical cybercriminal entry points

Add AI-copilots for inboxes & browsers

Help your team securely navigate emails and websites with intelligent threat detection trained on latest attacks.

Build a human firewall

Our clients love our virtual courses and phishing testing that make it easy to train your team on what’s dangerous and what’s not.

Monitor vulnerabilities & misconfigurations

Filter out the noise and hone in on critical security issues that are likely to be exploited by cybercriminals.

Access responsive support & expertise

Talk to a human, not robots. We’ll help you figure out what’s happening and next steps as needed. Our team of security experts is here for you.

Statistically proven to decrease your risk & losses

In a recent 18-month study of a leading cyber insurance program, policyholders that fully implemented Upfort Shield saw significantly fewer security breaches and claims.

Likelihood of Filing a Claim
Ransomware Claims
Wire Fraud Claims

Control cyber risk — simply.

Activate protection and set your preferences in minutes. No IT savvy required.

Step 1

Create an account username and password.

Step 2

Personalize protections by toggling protections on and off.

Step 3

Add your team by syncing your Google or Microsoft directory, uploading a file, or entering details manually.

Step 4

We fire off invites to your team to access their own custom portals! Take a quick tour of your Admin Portal and check out settings relevant to the protections you chose.

We’re easy to use, effective, and loved by our customers.

Grey Genetics
Eleanor Griffith, Founder
“Upfort has been instrumental in helping us take the next steps toward improved security."

I love that support comes from a small team so that I'm usually following up with someone who knows my company's backstory and goals. Instead of getting a bot, I get a human who I've spoken with before.

Student Leadership Network
Melissa Dias, IT Manager
“Upfort not only helps me with my work as IT Manager, but it also helps staff to be cyber aware."

I'm getting a great deal with all the features that Upfort provides. It helps staff to be cyber aware, not just for one set moment in time but throughout their cycle working with the organization.

TICO Construction Company
Cybil Siler-Armstrong, Shareholder
“Upfort Shield is a great value that was much needed."

It has been very easy to work with and navigate, we hope to be able to continue using it!

Proactively mitigate cyber risk with one or more critical protections

Whether you’re early in your security journey or have extensive controls in place, Upfort’s proprietary AI-powered solutions add an effective layer of protection.

Email Protection
Web Protection
Risk Monitoring
Security Training

Protect Web Activity with Browser Firewall

Lightweight auto-updated browser extension mitigates online threats in real-time.

Block malicious links & scripts
Restrict inappropriate content
Protect data transfer

Monitor Cyber Risk with Sentry

Automated risk assessments power intuitive dashboards that provide inside-out visibility into risk.

Auto-discover IT assets for holistic visibility
Identify the security issues that matter
Access security expertise when you need it

Our Commitment

We know that when it comes to preventing breaches, it’s more than a job; it’s a responsibility. But every day, we see people trying to keep up with exponential cyber threats on a budget and their tools falling short.

That’s why we developed Upfort Shield. We’re committed to making powerful security technology simple so your organization can stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Recognized for innovation, certified for security & privacy

Activate your shield today

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